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Burj Al Arab Assawan Spa, Dubai

The Burj Al Arab defines luxury in Dubai. It is, after all, an icon for this city of elegance, indulgence and yes, even decadence (well, as decadent as you can get in a Muslim country).

So of course, expectations are high for the Assawan Spa, named, by the way for a stone long associated with radiance, beauty and vitality among its magical properties. Not to worry: Assawan lives up to the “Burj” reputation for luxury, from its sky high pool and whirlpool (above) that looks like something from a Sultan’s palace with its ornamental columns and marble, to its subdued treatment rooms ready to indulge. Swim in the pool to the wall of glass for a bird’s eye view of Dubai that is stunning.

The Health Club offers yoga, aerobics and even personalized workouts. There’s even a snooker table in the Diwania Library for post-treatment winding down. From the moment you arrive in the men’s and ladies’ areas, don’t expect to do anything for yourself. That is, after all, what service is all about, and here at the Burj and the Assawan Spa, it’s all about the service.

Staff not only escort you to your lockers, but they hang your clothes up on real hangers within. Post-massage we compared notes, and Fletcher, returning to our room in his robe, reported “they wouldn’t even let me toss my clothes in a bag. They insisted folding them for me, even my underwear.”

When I was slow to finish my post-massage tea because of my pleasant chat with the spa director, the attendant insisted on bringing me a fresh pot, served with lovely china and silver.

We were treated to the Around the World 85-minute massage so named because it encompasses many different worldwide massage techniques from Swedish and Shiatsu to Thai and Balinese.

We finished refreshed and ready to tour more of exciting Dubai, taking home a spa experience memory that would last for decades..

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