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Four Seasons, Las Vegas

(Update 2018: Since this report, the Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas spa has been been fully renovated and holds a Forbes Five Star rating.)

Granted, Las Vegas may seem like a strange choice since I don’t gamble, but I do love great spas. So, in that regard, I’ve landed in the perfect spot.

I actually heard about Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas while traveling in the Maldives. The spa director at the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa used to work at Four Seasons Las Vegas and said that if I am a spa hound, and I am, that I must go to Vegas. (Turns out the spa director at the the Vegas Encore Spa also worked here.)

So here I am in a beautiful room overlooking the Las Vegas strip (and just steps from the famous fabulous Las Vegas sign). From this vantage point, I can see a glorious full moon rising over the mountains past the airport, and down the strip, the pyramid Luxor, the MGM Grand, and even the Eiffel Tower at the Paris resort.

As I head downstairs for my treatment, the sign in the elevator makes me smile: "Serenity in this city does exist; you just have to know where to find it.” I’m about to find it in aces (pun intended) in the form of a 75-minute Everlasting Flower Stone Massage Facial in the very capable hands of Heather Herbold, lead esthetician. As I cover the few steps to the small spa, I inhale the wonderful smell that I always associate with the Four Seasons (how do they do that?)

I'm especially excited to be trying my first-ever stone facial. Of

course, I’ve had stone massages many times, but for the face, this is a first.

Heather explains I’ll begin my “sensory journey” by choosing among three organic oils. “That way, we’re letting you customize your facial,” she adds.

There’s lavender to calm and heal dry skin; blend of rose to calm dehydrated skin; and orange citrus, which is uplifting but also calming and has natural Ph for the skin. I find it interesting that all three offer a calming effect. Apparently, we all need to calm down, ya’ll. “Any floral is very soothing,” Heather adds.

So, in need of soothing, the right Ph for my sensitive skin, and for my dehydrated skin, I choose orange citrus. But before we begin, Heather spritzes overhead with Kerstian Florian water, again “to calm the skin and to calm you down,” she says in a hushed voice with a smile. She describes the mixture as white flower and orange blossom.

She next uses a Clarisonic brush to throughly cleanse my face with a gentle gel by Fleur’s containing jojoba beads that gently melt in little bursts on my skin. A dual exfoliant comes next that is both anti-aging and moisturizing. The Clarisonic brush used regularly, especially helps dryness and fine lines, the esthetician promises. “No, I don’t exfoliate enough at home,” I confess.

Next there’s a very soothing gommage in a creamy paste followed by a light steam (again, Heather’s being careful on my sensitive skin). I’m impressed that she uses a scent in the steam to match the oil I’ve chosen - very customized, as she promised.

Next come the dreaded extractions - enough said - then a very relaxing massage of my décolletage, neck and shoulders. She uses very warm stones that are soothing.

As I relax, she applies small basalt stones to pressure points on my face. “Stones help loosen bacteria that’s been held in the lymph,” she notes afterward. What she’s loosened with the stones, she helps drain with finger movements.

After massaging me thoroughly, she leaves two small stones on my eyes, one on each shoulder, a cold stone at my throat (for calmness), one on my chin, and finally, one at the center of my breastbone.

Later, she explains she placed rhodochrosite stones in the palm of each of my hands, for well being. This pinkish stone is considered a “strong loving stone” that helps successfully combine physical and spiritual energy, which in turn, stimulates love and passion. I’m all for both, so bravo. Further research I found explained this particular stone is also said to have the ability to open the heart, as well as ease depression and encourage a person to have a cheerful and positive outlook. Again, it’s all good.

Next comes Fleur’s four-layer, anti-aging and hydrating mask with hibiscus. Once she places the gauze over my face, I’m surprised that I can actually start to feel the lifting action - “almost a more natural, mini facelift,” Heather explains. Lastly, there’s a clay and mud mixture that will harden to a pink mask. As the mask dries, Heather uses a scrub to exfoliate my arms, elbows and hands, which she then wraps in comforting hot towels.

The finish, again from Fleur’s, is a nice “everlasting” moisturizer and eye cream with anti-aging serum underneath.

She lifts off the hardened mask, and I feel totally pampered, my face super-moisturized. I have indeed found serenity in Vegas, Baby!

If You're Going: The renovated five-star spa now features warm colors, natural materials and artwork inspired by nature to exude a soothing feel. A stone reception desk made of polished Nevada quartzite and a striking, oversized art piece made of walnut hardwood compliments the reception wall, all nods to the desert environment. Eco-friendly product lines include as Naturopathica, Phytomer and Pure Fiji. For more, visit

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