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Among the 76 countries we've visited so far, we've tried it all: Indian marma massage (the therapist uses the foot), Ayuvedic in Bangkok, even a parkling lot massage by baggage handlers in Myanmar (they were excellent). Follow along and plan your next relaxation getaway, whether just down the street or halfway around the world.

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Dr. Empress Thandi Wise leads yoga at Driftwood Spa at Jakes Treasure Beach.

Looking for a new twist on your health and fitness goals combined with a sure-to-have-fun getaway? Jamaica is an easy-to-reach paradise, and these resorts offer spas, fitness and wellness that...

When we asked Beau Rivage Spa Director Sara Chatham about the Biloxi, MS, spa’s philosophy, she had an instant two-word answer: “Southern charm.“I

Then, just as quickly, she praised her team: “We are so blessed with our staff. We have talented and tenured staff. The ser...

Dear Ritz-Carlton Spa: You had us at VIP Salon, the site of our 50-minute Reconnect Couple’s Massage.

Turns out we had exactly what we needed to address travel-weary muscles: a beautiful setting, thoughtful décor, a ready-to-relax mindset and two expert therapists who k...

 Rockhouse Hotel & Spa's dramatic Negril, Jamaica setting

Our itinerary’s promise of meeting a spa guru piqued our interest as spa writers, but the fact that said guru was on the island of Jamaica was even more intriguing.

We are now, however, true believers after spendi...

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